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At WEC Lines, we believe in personal care for your cargo. With over five decades of experience in both short sea and deep sea destinations,  we have dedicated ourselves to always making sure your cargo ends up in the right place, at the right time. It doesn’t matter if it’s port-to-port or door-to-door: we’ll get it done.

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Routes & Ports

It’s a straightforward process: we will transport your cargo from point A to point B in the most convenient way possible. We understand the importance of a reliable and efficient multimodal partner, which is what we strive to be. That’s why we established a network of routes and ports that enable us to provide you with seamless and cost-effective shipping solutions. In short, we believe in transporting cargo safely, efficiently, and sustainably. And every day, our experienced team works tirelessly to ensure that all goods arrive at their destination on time and in good condition.  Read more about our routes, schedules, ports-of-destination and the corresponding tarrifs below!

Routes & Schedules

We offer a solution for your business with door-to-door services that utilize dedicated sea routes and rail options across Europe, North Africa, the Red Sea, East Africa and Pakistan. On top of that, we provide additional services for the first and last miles of transportation.

Deep Sea

Our knowledge about cargo transport to and from East Africa and the Red Sea stretches far beyond the ports we serve. We connect a large number of ports in the NWC and West MED regions with East Africa and the Red Sea. With the help of our experienced colleagues within our agency network, we can move your cargo to the final destination in the best way possible.

Short Sea

With over five decades of experience, WEC Lines has gained an unmatched amount of knowledge when it comes to shipping your goods in the most seamless way possible. Read more about our short sea shipping possibilities on this page.

Port Tariffs

It’s always good to be well informed when it comes to the different tariffs that come with different ports. That's why we have a comprehensive list of tariffs available, which outlines all applicable charges. By reviewing the list of tariffs, you can ensure that you are aware of any additional costs associated with your shipment.


In addition to our short sea and deep sea services, we provide direct connections from/to the Spanish and African hinterland. Read more about our inland rail and truck possibilities on this page.

A selection of our clients

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“Our roadmap to reaching net-zero decarbonisation in 2050 is quite ambitious, but we've already implemented several solutions to reduce emissions from our ships. Together, we will make it happen!"Elisa Dellebeke, Sustainability Expert

As a company, we see the subject of sustainability and all that comes with it as our absolute top priority. Even though shipping is already the greenest way of transport, we are currently doing everything within our power to reach complete net-zero decarbonization by 2050. But there’s more to talk about. Click on the button below to read our full approach to becoming more sustainable every year.


Working at WEC Lines, you get to show off your skills and knowledge within in a pleasant and supportive environment. In short, we want you to feel like a part of the family. Browse our current job offers here!

  • Vincent Otiende
  • Employee
  • C. Dorman CEZ LTD
WEC Lines' services are top notch and customer-focused. They are second to none!
  • Danny Levenswaard
  • Director Breakbulk
  • Port of Rotterdam
The Port of Rotterdam Authority is working on a future-proof port with all parties involved. A port where businesses can flourish now and in the future, providing income and jobs. Our purpose is to connect the world and build tomorrow’s sustainable port. With the least possible impact on the climate and nature. All parties involved work together to get this done. Therefore we support the WEC lines plans towards net-zero emission and we work with them on these developments.
  • Suhail Mohamed
  • Employee
  • Lumen Trading Company
We are very happy with WEC Lines. The quality of the service, reliability and customer support are very good. And if there are any issues, they always help us out!
  • Braulio Calviño
  • Delegate Galicia
  • Carmar Logistics Solutions
The professional and human treatment of the WEC Vigo delegation is undoubtedly one of the best in the sector in the northwest of Spain; our thanks to their daily work that makes our job easier.
  • George Otieno
  • Employee
  • Sardia International
WEC Lines' senior staff members are always on speed dial on the weekends and even during public holidays, in case of an emergency. A good example of their excellent service!
  • Alex Kaitu
  • Employee
  • CEVA Interfreight Uganda
Good customers service, favorable rates and the right equipment: that's what WEC Lines is all about.
  • Ricardo Ferreira
Good service, good price. They just do what they promise. Work with passion. A team that we can rely on.



Strengthening our product offerings with latest container investments

We are seeking to strengthen our competitive position within the European & Northeast African transportation market by adding 200 brand new 20ft High-Cube Pallet-Wide containers and 200 45ft High-Cube Pallet-Wide containers to our extensive container fleet.


New WEC Lines agent in Poland

WEC Lines is pleased to announce that since 1 July 2024 long time WEC agent, Arijus Group company Kontransa, UAB has opened a new office in Gdynia, Poland.



WEC Lines is excited to announce that as from 29 June 2024, the company will launch a direct, weekly service with short transit times connecting Portugal and Spain with Ireland and the United Kingdom in one seamless, fully controlled operation.


WEC Lines accredited for quality management system ensuring Continuous Improvement

WEC Lines has secured the ISO 9001:2015 certification after putting in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless services time after time. Read the complete story below.