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You just want to get your cargo to end up in the right place, at the right time, without any problems. That’s why we have several procedures in place to comply with international laws for Verified Gross Mass, which we’d like to share with you. On top of that, we want you to be fully informed on how we handle customs procedures for all of our destinations. Read more about it below, or get in touch with us immediately if you need support.

The easiest way to determine your Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

In order to improve safety at sea we comply with international laws and regulations for Verified Gross Mass. That’s why, prior to shipping, we need to be fully informed on the accurate gross weight of a packed container. Click on the drow-down buttons below to learn more about methods for determining your VGM, submitting the correct documentation and the VGM Cut-off-time.

Methods to obtain the Verified Gross Mass

Method 1

After the packing and sealing of the container, the shipper or a third party may weigh the packed container, using calibrated and certified equipment.

Method 2

This method is subject to approval by the competent authority of the state in which the packing of the container was completed. Method 2 is a calculation method and is the summation of:

  • Weight of the product
  • Weight of the packaging
  • Weight of pallets, securing materials and dunnage
  • Weight of the empty container (tare weight)

Method 2 is inappropriate for certain types of cargo such as bulk cargo and flexi-tanks, for such cargoes, method 1 must be used. Estimating the weight of a container’s content or container tare is not permitted. The shipper shall use the tare weight indicated in the container at all times.

Documentation of your Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Documentation guidelines

If the weighing of the container  is not carried out by WEC Lines, customers should provide a document clearly highlighting, per container, the ‘Verified Gross Mass’. The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) should be mentioned in kilograms. The document declaring the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the packed container should be signed by a person duly authorized and empowered to act on behalf of the shipper.

Sending us the documentation

If you’re sending us the documentation per electronic communication (for automatic VGM submission to your Shipping Instruction), us the VERMAS format (EDIFACT). The documentation is to be forwarded to the following email address: vermas@odyssey.weclines.com.Users of the WEC E-Business portal – VGM (Web portal) can enter the data of a single container or import an Excel-sheet with the data of multiple containers, online.

VGM Cut-off time

A VGM cut-off time will be set, allowing WEC Lines or their local agents to submit the VGM to the vessel planner and stevedores. The cut-off time will be informed locally by our agents as this may differ per stevedore and/or port of loading.

Customs procedures with more efficiency

We have an excellent working relationship with customs authorities at all of our destinations. In order to prevent delays, we have been able to replace regular customs documentations with liner certificates for most of our destinations, thus allowing more efficient procedures for importing and exporting goods. And, if anything out of the ordinary comes up during the proceedings, we will do anything within our power to fix it, even during the weekends. If you have any questions regarding customs procedures, we’re there to help you out!

Need support? We’re there to help you out!

We’re glad to help you out any way we can. So, if you have any questions about providing us with the right documents, or our approach to customs procedures, just click the button below or call us directly on +31 (0)10 491 3400. For more information about our other services you can click on one of the links below.