WEC Lines connects NW-Europe with Morocco via France

WEC Lines is proud to introduce a transformative weekly service connecting the United Kingdom, France and Northwestern Europe with Casablanca, Morocco in a seamless operation.

As from today, WEC Lines has launched the new ‘Euro-Maroc service’, thereby replacing the existing NWC Iberia and MOPT services. With this new offering, WEC Lines establishes a direct sailing route from Rotterdam and Antwerp to Casablanca, while also facilitating seamless transportation from Portugal and Spain via Montoir, France as from September 19, 2023. By departing from Montoir on Tuesday and arriving in Thamesport on Thursday, this service offers an eco-friendly alternative to truck transport from West France into England. Montoir will be called twice a week Northbound and Southbound.

The ports of call for this new service include Thamesport, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Montoir, Bilbao, Vigo, Leixões, Setubal, Casablanca, and Figueira da Foz, forming a well-connected bridge between these vital trade hubs. The new weekly service will be performed by 3x 800-TEU vessels in a 21-day fixed day rotation, with optimal short sea and hinterland linkages, provide customers with a heightened level of flexibility and efficiency.

“We pride ourselves to be true specialists in our geographical areas combined with a personal approach. We understand the customers’ needs and value direct contact, and ease to do business with”, stated Caesar Luikenaar, Managing Director of WEC Lines. “The launch of the Euro – Maroc service underlines this dedication and commitment to meeting customer demand.”

For inquiries, bookings, and more information about the new services by WEC Lines, please visit www.weclines.com or contact your local representative.

Other news

WEC Lines launches enhanced short sea service

WEC Lines is proud to unveil the new and extended Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal service 'ESPT III' servicing Portugal and Spain into Northern Europe with three dedicated vessels in a 21-day loop commencing immediately.

Managing Director Alexander Busse has been re-elected

Alexander Busse, the Managing Director of our WEC Lines office in Germany, has been re-elected to the board of the Short Sea Shipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center (SPC). He has been unanimously re-elected for his second term. We would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best towards his second term.

CEO Nico Valkenier retires

Last Friday Nico Valkenier, CEO of WEC Lines retired after being in the lead for 12 years. With the whole Rotterdam organization we said goodbye to Nico on the vessel ‘De Majesteit’. Nico will enjoy a well-deserved retirement and we want to send our best wishes to him and wish him a joyful and healthy retirement on behalf of the entire WEC Lines team. Additionally, we want to congratulate Caesar Luikenaar with his new position taking over the role of CEO of WEC Lines. We wish him lots of success !

WEC Lines reaches 4000 followers on LinkedIn

4.000 followers on LinkedIn, thats quite the milestone! We will keep sailing, will you join us? Let's see if we can reach 5.000 followers.

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