WEC Lines announces new service between Agoncillo (La Rioja) and Bilbao

On March 29th, WEC Lines was pleased to announce a new service between Agoncillo (La Rioja) and Bilbao, which will start in May. WEC Lines had the pleasure of presenting our commitment to La Rioja's authorities and partners regarding the new rail service that will connect Agoncillo with United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Norway and The Baltic's via Bilbao. By offering two connections per week, we are able to guarantee a high frequency service and convenient pick-up times. Additionally, our capacity of 45-foot containers provides the same amount of space as a truck, with the added benefit of multi modal flexibility. Our focus is on delivering a superior customer experience with our local WEC Lines offices, and we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our routes and service across the board.

Other news

WEC Lines connects NW-Europe with Morocco via France

WEC Lines is proud to introduce a transformative weekly service connecting the United Kingdom, France and Northwestern Europe with Casablanca, Morocco in a seamless operation.

WEC Lines launches enhanced short sea service

WEC Lines is proud to unveil the new and extended Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal service 'ESPT III' servicing Portugal and Spain into Northern Europe with three dedicated vessels in a 21-day loop commencing immediately.

Managing Director Alexander Busse has been re-elected

Alexander Busse, the Managing Director of our WEC Lines office in Germany, has been re-elected to the board of the Short Sea Shipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center (SPC). He has been unanimously re-elected for his second term. We would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best towards his second term.

CEO Nico Valkenier retires

Last Friday Nico Valkenier, CEO of WEC Lines retired after being in the lead for 12 years. With the whole Rotterdam organization we said goodbye to Nico on the vessel ‘De Majesteit’. Nico will enjoy a well-deserved retirement and we want to send our best wishes to him and wish him a joyful and healthy retirement on behalf of the entire WEC Lines team. Additionally, we want to congratulate Caesar Luikenaar with his new position taking over the role of CEO of WEC Lines. We wish him lots of success !

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