New WEC Lines agent in Poland

WEC Lines is pleased to announce that since 1 July 2024 long time WEC agent, Arijus Group company Kontransa, UAB has opened a new office in Gdynia, Poland, aimed at strengthening local presence and providing an enhanced service to support client demand.

This step marks an important event in the history of Kontransa’s development, and is yet another milestone for WEC Lines in further enhancing our service offerings throughout Europe and beyond.

Kontransa, UAB Director Donatas Paulauskas notes: “The Polish market has great potential, which was also noticed by the managers of the shipping line WEC Lines. From 2018 we have represented WEC Lines in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and from July 1 of this year, we have been entrusted with the rights of representation in Poland as well.”

According to Donatas Paulauskas, this development poses interesting challenges and at the same time provides new opportunities. Long-term experience in this business allows us to confidently look to the future and undertake such large projects.

Subsidiary company Kontransa Sp.zo.o. has opened its doors in Poland on July 1 of this year, starting a new phase of operations and strengthening the company’s position in the international market.

The new office, located at Wladyslawa IV 43 – room 507, Gdynia, Poland, will be headed by Business Development Manager Mr. Sergei Owsianik.

We wish Mr. Owsianik much success in this new Polish adventure!